Street Riders Mural at Hosier Lane Melbourne

Check this out, we got the team together and headed down to Melbourne's internationally famous street art spot, Hosier Lane, to lay down a massive Street Riders mural!

Make sure to take a pic of you and your bike next to it, who knows how long it will be there for!

Shannon from Inline 4 Productions came down with his gear and made a sweet video of the event for your viewing pleasure:


About the artist:

Will is a Melbourne-based street artist who so happens to be a professional sign-writer.

We can't thank him enough for taking the time out of his night to help us out with this project! For any sign-writing or street art work make sure you give him a holla! He can be contacted via Instagram @willie.allenn.


Special thanks to all those who came down: Louie, Amanda, Shannon, Will, Brian

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