Photoshoot Behind The Scenes with I4P

Photoshoot time!

On our recent product photoshoot with the talented Theo Cipriano and the Melbourne Street Riders gang, we were lucky enough to have Shannon from Inline 4 Productions join us.

Shannon rocked up to provide some extra company but low-key filmed an awesome behind-the-scenes video!

Enjoy this short & sweet piece of media gold and if you want to see more bike life videos and photos be sure to check out the Inline 4 Productions official Facebook page!

Massive thank you to the entire team who helped make this happen, with special thanks to Louie who organised the event.

Photography: Theo Cipriano.

Videography: Inline 4 Productions.

Models: Courtney Brown, Amanda Melhem, Louie the Philo.

Support: Street Rider Sasha, Robert Bob Pen