Product review with Sera Williamson

It's always a heartwarming feeling to hear positive customer reviews about our products. Recently local rider Sera Williamson reviewed the Street Riders All Terrain performance hoodie. As an official brand ambassador for high end brands Dainese and AGV, she's no stranger to high quality motorcycle gear.

This is what she had to say on her Instagram blog:

"I'm always interested to try different types of riding gear & a couple of you asked about my Street Riders hoodie I have been wearing in a few recent pics.

It's been a great piece especially over winter, a nice change from wearing a leather jacket but has the kevlar & armour protection I won't ride without. It's got great protection from the wind & rain but is still light enough to wear in the warmer months.

I've been able to wear a normal hoodie and thermals underneath as well as my back protector which is something I cant do with my leathers. I love the large zip pockets that make my keys and phone easily accessible too it's a nice feature. Good for the snow apparently.

A Comfy / Functional / Protective / Unisex All-Terrain option. Nice work guys!"


About Sera:
Sera is an online blogger and brand ambassador for high end motorcycle gear brands Dainese and AGV. She is also a professional photographer through her media business RPM Photography. Make sure to check out and follow @SeraWilliamson next time you're scrolling through your Insta feed or RPM Photography on Facebook!


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