Slide Protection

What is slide protection?
You may have experienced 'gravel rash' or 'road rash' coming off a skateboard or a bicycle. Whilst inconvenient, it can and will be far worse at higher speeds.

Something that provides slide protection (also referred to as abrasion resistance) will prevent most or all of this 'gravel rash'. 


How slide protection works
Two common materials used for slide protection are leather and synthetic materials such as Aramid fibres (also known as Kevlar).

Both provide the slide protection you need when pushing the limits of extreme concrete sports.


Why Kevlar?
Street Riders chose to use Kevlar in critical areas where slide protection is imperative and leaves other areas room to breathe. The key is to find a perfect balance between safety, comfort, lightweight feel, freedom of movement, and breathability.


Is this safe enough for me?
Ultimately your safety is your responsibility! Here at Street Riders we are strong believers of two safety principles:
1. Fit and comfort, especially during aerobic performances, plays a key role in the overall safety of a product.
2. Protective gear works best when combined with ongoing training! Don't take our word for it - The Heirarchy of Control is a system used worldwide to help reduce the risk of injury and it looks like this:



Let's take for example motorcycle stunt riding and minimise the risk of injury associated with this sport. From most effective to least effective methods:

1. Eliminate (stop doing it) - not an option if you want to do it!
2. Substitute (for less risky sports, like golf) - again not an option
3. Isolate yourself from the sport - again not an option
4. Administrative controls - this means training, seat time, putting in the work to make yourself a better and in turn safer athlete!
5. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), also known as protective gear