Stacks on Stacks

So, since we last blogged, we've had a stack. Don't worry - we r ok!

We used the opportunity to reiterate how safe our range of Street Riders Performance gear really is - we were just trying to be stylish, but it ended up saving us from some brutal injuries and road rash thanks to the advanced tech behind the design!

Here's what happened -

Good hard stack and slide at 80km/h
rest in peace bike 
Top half of rider in one piece thanks to Street Riders Performance

Just like all our Performance hoodies, the All-Terrain design incorporates a full Kevlar lining, CE2 armour for the elbows, shoulders and back, detachable zip, loads of pockets as well as belt loops to stop your hoodie from riding up!

Check out a review and battle damage pictures of a similar story:


More info on the All-Terrain hoodie can be found here.


Our new shipment is due to arrive any minute now! In the meantime - check out the pics one of our fans and how his Street Riders All Terrain Performance Hoodie and Original Zip Performance Hoodie saved him!

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In the meantime - stay safe & sexy during this hektik time of year!