The Street Riders Story

Everyday we are confined by rules, they restrict us from feeling free. Every day someone is telling us what to do.
We ride for the thrill, to feel the adrenaline, to be on the edge and feel free. We run the streets.

Established in 2012, the Street Riders journey started in Melbourne. Originally founded as a community where like-minded riders could organise to meet, socialise and ride around the streets of Melbourne and beyond. It wasn’t long before founder Alex soon saw an opportunity to create apparel that represented the Street Riders lifestyle, that not only maintained street wear presence but also rider safety and comfort. From here, Street Riders performance street wear was born.

Street Riders create premium performance street wear that fuses form and function with safety and style. Born from a desire to create casual apparel that had the protection to match, the range includes leading edge technologies that keep you safe, such as:

  • Kevlar® lining, a material used for bullet proof vests to protect your skin
  • Hidden and seamless body armour which conforms to the strictest standards
  • Weather proofing in some models for ultimate comfort

All products are field tested by the people who design them.