BLVK Cargo Pants

BLVK is the latest from Street Riders
Protective Cargos with CE impact and Kevlar slide protection


What is BLVK?
Street Rider BLVK are more than just safety, it is high protection urban must-have equipment. Unparalleled safety, comfort, manoeuvrability and style means that this performance clothing enables a dynamic lifestyle. The jogger-cargo style seamlessly fits into your daily outfit - no one will know that you are packing professional CE & Kevlar protection underneath. Look good, move fast and be safe with the Street Rider BLVK.


Who Are BLVK For
Street Rider BLVK are for anyone challenging the urban landscape on their motorbike, bicycle, scooter, skateboard, longboard, ebike or eboard. Zero compromise in manoeuvrability, comfort, style and protection.


Why are BLVK better than other pants
Today's market is full of choices. When it comes to urban apparel with professional protective features, there is nothing out there quiet like Street Riders. That's because we live the Street Rider lifestyle and have the experience, knowledge and community feedback to create the perfect balance of comfort, style and protection.


Slide Protection
Kevlar must have been made my magicians. Compared to traditional leather it’s light weight, breathable, and most importantly protects by providing abrasion resistance during a slide fall. Too much Kevlar will weigh you down and overheat you during high intensity physical activity. BLVK includes Kevlar in critical areas where slide protection is imperative and leaves other areas room to breathe.
Read more about slide protection here.


Impact Protection
Our knees and hips are the most exposed parts of our legs, and tend to hit the ground first during impact. CE rated knee and hip removable armor is included with the BLVK. Remove the armor and the BLVK feel like your regular pants. Knee armour pockets feature external zippers, allowing for quick removal for the ultimate casual feel. Read more about impact protection here.  


Practical and subtle features
Tegular cargo pants ain’t gonna cut it on a ride - they’ll ride up, flap around and will cause unimaginable pain during an impact. Street Riders BLVK are made to look and function in harmony. Comprehensive list of features:

  • Elastic waistband ensures that they stay where needed, reducing ride up.
  • The cut allows cargos to be worn as a high-waist as well as low waist, providing a unisex fit.
  • Elastisized ankles ensures no entanglement around the ankle area.
  • Button-up cargo pockets keep valuables safe during travel.
  • Classic open pockets at hips.
  • Button-up rear pockets for additional storage.
  • Zipped knee pockets for knee armour quick-release.
  • Internal hip pockets for hip armour
  • Cotton-blend overall construction
  • Black colour with a light distressed finish


Technical Feature Summary
Street Riders Cargos features


Tailored for you
Style is an extension of individuality and we cater for this. Street Riders provide a couture experience with a tailored logo colourway selection. Maybe you have something even more special in mind - contact us to make it happen!


Chose your size
Chosing your size has never been easier, based on the height-weight recommendation chart below. The size will be a regular fit, based on your weight and height. Chose one size smaller for a tight fit. Chose one size larger for a loose fit.